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Eric Edmeades & Inception Marketing

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2 day workshop "Inception Marketing Intensive"

July 14-15, 2018 / LITEXPO, Vilnius


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Meet your mentor Eric Edmeades.

He can both DO and TEACH!

Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur, business veteran and marketing expert. He started his first business in England in 1997 and sold it 9 years later to private investors.

He has since bought, sold, started and invested in a wide variety of businesses in 6 countries including those in mobile computing, data capture, wireless networking, event management, super-realistic medical simulation for the US Army.

Also, 3D camera engineering and even a Hollywood special effects studio, that worked in James Cameron’s smash hit, Avatar as well as movies in the Iron Man, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

Eric has built several companies in such way that his active presence there is no longer necessary.

Today he teaches entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants and professionals how to grow their businesses, how to create effective marketing and helps them achieve business freedom.

"Growing a business is fun when attracting new clients and generating sales is no longer a mystery"


20+ years of international business experience in owning, running, starting up and selling companies in a variety of different industries.

Eric was a mentor in the Prince's Trust, which was founded by Charles (Prince of Wales) to support young people in the UK.

Tony Robbins invited Eric several times to share his strategies with the VIP attendees of "Business Mastery" seminar. Fee to attend it is 6000 EUR.

Eric has shared stages in big events with Sir Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield.

Companies pay the fee of $20,000 when they want Eric's personal help, consulting, advice and ideas how to grow their businesses.


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